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Putting the Pleasure Back into Yachting.

Atlantis Yachts Asia is proud to announce a range of reliable, affordable yacht maintenance services. Our friendly team will provide free estimates : 

  1. monthly / weekly cleaning packages

  2. machine, cut, polish and wax

  3. restoration and gel coats (nb: dark colours require 3x labour and additional materials)

  4. valet and grooming

  5. skipper services

  6. scheduled maintenance

  7. management programs

  8. troubleshooting

  9. general repairs and maintenance

  10. air-conditioning and refrigeration service

  11. engine and generator servicing

  12. electrical repairs

  13. annual haul out

  14. yacht deliveries

  15. new yacht commissioning

  16. decommissioning for old yachts

  17. shipping, loading and cradling​

Atlantis Yacht Management Program are a great way to enjoy more relaxed ownership & hassle free yachting.

Yacht Care Packages

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Yacht maintenance is about cleaning & checking your valued asset to ensure it operates at peak performance and preserves and even increase the resale value 


Atlantis Yachts Asia offer, yacht care valet packages from regular wash & rinse to cut & wax, teak, interior, bright work and hull cleaning, from as low as S$ 190 / week. 

Valet Grooming Packages 

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A yacht requires delicate care and treatment with professional products.


Our valet packages start at weekly, or monthly wash down of hull, decks & superstructure, GRP and stainless steel.  All the way through to full annual concierge grooming package which include handling of interior and soft furnishings.

Contact us for a custom package quotation. 


Introductory Rate Card

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Validity 1st March 2021

Weekly cleaning 


Replace covers, rinse, wash with boat soap followed by rinse and scrub with non-skid decks with chemical cleaner.

Prices in Singapore Dollars
** Before boating services within 24 hours of request. 



  1. If the vessel hasn’t been cleaned for more than 2 weeks and requires heavy duty cleaning, price will be on a per quote basis only.

  2. All vessels are subject to inspection / assessment before commencement of agreement.

  3. Engine flushing (petrol only) ; add’l S$ 25.

  4. Hydro Hoists, putting Yacht up / down ; add’l S$ 25.

  5. Spot touch up marks ; add’l S$ 35 / hr. 

  6. Catamarans add’l 40% (i.e x 1.4).

  7. Hard Top add’l S$ 30 + S$ 5 / add’l 5’ 

  8. Owners to provide ALL cleaning products / equipment to include, 2 x buckets, sponges, chamois, 1 x hose (+ nozzle), boat soap, wax, microfiber cloths (for spot waxing), FSR chemical (for skid flooring), 1 x hull brush w/ extendable / interchangeable handle (soft) & 1 x deck brush head (brittle).

  9. Price is for fibreglass only, from waterline to top, including, hull exterior.

  10. Does not include above hard top, or scrubbing teak decks (see add’l prices, recommended to be done separately once a month), interior, below decks, engine room or lockers.  

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Vacuum & wipe down cabins, toilets, clean toilet bowl & dry. Polish wood with pledge & wipe over chrome work (handles, portholes, shower fixtures etc with metal cleaner. Excludes heavy polishing.


Below 50’ Interior packages are add on’s to exterior cleaning only and not sold separately.  

Prices in Singapore Dollars
*. w/ exterior wash down packages only.




  1. If the yacht hasn’t been cleaned for more than 2 weeks and requires heavy duty cleaning, price will be on a per quote basis only.

  2. Spot touch up marks S$ 35 / hr. 

  3. Catamarans add’l 30% (i.e x 1.3).

  4. Owners to provide ALL cleaning products / equipment to include, 2 x buckets, sponges, chamois, microfiber cloths & wax (for spot waxing – see (iii), FSR chemical (for non-skid bathroom flooring / heavy stains), rubber safe special toilet cleaning products, metal / chrome polish, spray or Autosol or similar.

Price is for dusting and polishing of all wood surfaces with Pledge or similar, vacuum of carpets, wiping down of heads and galley, cleaning of glass and mirrors, light fittings, door handles and similar fixtures. Does not include extensive cleaning in lockers & cupboards, bedsheets, curtains or laundry.

Monthly Major Clean Includes ; 


Wipe out cupboards, Clean out fridges and microwave or oven, light polish of interior gelcoat, make up cabins. Major clean of galley & helm station (includes, remove, clean, tidy organise drawers / cupboards, degrease oven hood, organise owners items neatly. 

Master bedroom & toilet, clean all drawers, do laundry, arrange clothes, towels & toiletries, polish chrome bathroom fittings. Clean & tidy cabins & laundry room | rearrange & clean TV console | vacuum both decks, re-organise tools & spares.


Price : Weekly pricing x 3

Wash, Cut, Wax and Polish


Wash, cut and polish ALL polished external WHITE fiberglass GRP surfaces from  (above water line) to radar arch, including, superstructure, swim platform, aft cockpit, bow, flybridge, swim platform, helm station, pilot house, transom, coach roof & flybridge. 

Prices in Singapore Dollars
Excludes: Deck, flooring and stainless steel


Owner to provide all wax products & materials,. (see separate quotation). We provide 5 speed polishing machine. nb: The level of restoration of the gelcoat depends on condition.

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Vinyl Reconditioning
$15 per sq ft

Restore exterior vinyl seating, take out black mildew and apply coating to reinstate shine.

Price in Singapore Dollars

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Bright Work


Remove surface rust / light corrosion only from stainless steel fittings and from fiberglass. Polish with chrome / GRP polish. Coat ALL stainless steel w/ light protective coat of WD 40 to shine and protect, incls portholes, anchor plate, cleats, swim ladder, rub rail, windscreen frame, hand railings, interior / exterior lights & door fittings, faucets and switch covers.


Owners to provide 16 oz Stainless Spot Rust Remover & Rags. We can remove heavy surface rust and staining around the GRP as well as calculate an itemised quote within 24 hrs of inspection. Price depends on condition and number and size of stainless steel cleats, portholes, fairleads, railings, rubbing strakes and frames.