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Nautical Ceremonies & Celebrations on a Yacht

Nikaah, Engagements & Wedding Ceremonies

Atlantis Yachts will be there to support and work with your wedding planners to create the ideal theme, design and décor for your luxurious wedding celebration. From welcoming your guests on-board, catering options, entertainment, ceremonial arrangements, we assure you elegance and quality service.Our yachts cater to a wide range of capacity starting from 20 to 150. If we have more guests, there are options for celebrations alongside a function room where full celebrations can proceed once the ceremonial engagements are completed on-board.

Thank You Brunches & Sunset Dinners

It is memorable and heartwarming when loved ones and friends that were by your side through the celebrations be thanked in style aboard a yacht. While catching a sunset to symbolize the end of celebrations and saying your good byes and thank you, we hope to serve your guests with your favourite delights.

Bridal Showers

Ever imagined having a bridal shower in the middle of nowhere? With Atlantis Yachts, be ready for a memorable gathering with spacious decks to have games, photography and your favourite array of delicious dishes.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party

Surprise your friends aboard one of our party friendly yachts. These Atlantis yachts offer the perfect way to bring friends together for the private celebration of a lifetime! We will fill your day on-board with games and quizzes to bring you down memory lane and celebrate the future on the horizon with water based adventures. From outdoor water sport toys and inflatables to indoor karaoke and inhouse DJ for your favourite tunes! We will dish you up with the right BBQ or fine dining experience you ever imagined.

Pre Wedding Photos

Sail away for the best wedding shots to neighbouring islands! You could combine this with anyone of your smaller gatherings to ensure you have made the most of your yacht charter. Invite your friends and family onboard for some pre-wedding photography and a few memorable shots to add to showcase during your reception. These memories will capture for a lifetime to come.

Wedding Reception

Complete your wedding with the most elegant and luxurious reception on our range of yachts. Treat your friends and family to one of the classiest experiences as you cruise around the Singapore Straits and beautiful neighbouring islands. Let your photos be special and memorable as we entertain your guests with live music, cultural performances. Let us reach your guests’ hearts with sumptuous meals and non alcoholic mixologies.


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