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Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Atlantis Yachts Asia was founded by last year with the intentions to create new experiences for overseas and local consumers. Atlantis takes religious requirements for Muslim travelers very seriously and is an excellent option for all Muslim travellers looking for a new experience offshore. We provide yacht charters for corporate, families, and travelers. Currently we have a fleet of 12 yachts serving to different capacities and needs.

Halal Yacht Charter Experience

We are Asia's first halal yacht charter experience. Keeping in mind that this segment of consumers have not been served extensively, we have taken careful consideration to the needs of our muslim consumers by ensuring the experience is halal in every way. Atlantis Yachts & Associates will delve into the spheres of nautical celebrations, ecotourism, scuba and fishing adventures and luxury travel.

Features included:

  • All utensils onboard will undergo ritual cleansing

  • Dedicated prayer spaces

  • Quran & Tasbih available onboard

Options available:

  • Halal dining options (BBQs, Buffet, Fine Dining)

  • Local muslim celebrity chefs

  • Entertainment : traditional

  • Mixologies : Enjoy quintessential non alcoholic beverages made by our in-house mixologist

  • Alongside charters : Banquet rooms will be arranged at the pier for larger gatherings

Types of Events:

  • Muslim weddings

  • Mehndi nights

  • Muslimah gatherings

  • Spiritual retreats

  • Family getaways

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