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Floating Beach Wheelchairs now in Singapore!

Thanks to Water-Venture at Pasir Ris, now Singaporeans will have full access to beaches for all. This inclusive initiative has given opportunities to those challenged with physical disabilities and have had trouble experiencing beaches in Singapore.

30 physically challenged Singaporeans were given first-hand opportunities to experience these new floating beach wheelchairs. Hopefully soon we will have Autonomous Wheelchairs like those designed, programmed and created by SMART (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) Labs @ NUS. Self Driving wheelchairs are a way of the future and combining that with technology on water, we will be creating accessibility for all in society. Passion is only made possible when imagination is coupled with a need to create change.

Atlantis Yachts Asia hopes to support this wonderful initiative onboard our Yacht Charters and is reaching out to anyone who wishes to give this a trial run with a yacht charter experience. We have always strongly believed in creating access to yacht charter rentals in Singapore for all types of occasions, experiences, and communities. Contact us for more information at and explore our current experiences. We would love to collaborate with communities. It would be our absolute privilege!

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