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Catering Fee Surcharge


For ATLANTIS CSL450, CSL500, CSL620, CSL621 - SGD $350

Service fee, for stowage of F&B, use of (for Muslim charterers includes cleansing with Sabun Sertu & rinsing 5 times), crockery, glassware & utensils, cooking of BBQ by crew, washing up & waste disposal.

BBQ Service Surcharge

For ATLANTIS CMYL390, CMYL510CMYL511CSF400, CSL400, CSL401, CSL402, MYG540 ,MCS680 , MYS600 - SGD $175

Service fee, for cooking of BBQ by crew and supply of disposable crockeries, cutleries and cups.

Supplementary Crewman for ATLANTIS CSL450 & CSL500

For charters of > 20 < 27 guests (CSL450), and >20 < 32 guests (CSL500)


Atlantis Yachts Alcohol Policy Onboard


As Atlantis Yachts owners are Muslim, we do not sell, profit from, or handle alcohol.

As we do not wish to infringe on your enjoyment, guests ordering catering are allowed to bring their own alcohol on board.

For guests not catering, alcohol can be bought directly on board by asking the crew, independent of Atlantis Yachts, OR they may pay a direct corkage fee via the crew to bring their own alcoholic beverages for consumption on board.

Alcohol must be consumed in a responsible manner. Atlantis Yachts & Associates reserve the right to refuse or curtail a charter that we deem to involve inappropriate behaviour and/or excessive alcohol consumption, such as stag/bachelor parties, or any similar activities that may jeopardise the safety of the boat, crew and passengers. If a charter is curtailed, no refund will be given.

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