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Rompin | Tioman | Pulau Aur 
March - Mid October 2018

Sailfish Fishing

Tioman Island is a fantastic holiday destination if you want to combine game fishing for Sailfish, Dorado, King Mackerel and Black Marlin with luxury yacht charter.


East of Tioman Island, the waters are deeper and here you often find nice size Dorado and Black Marlin (50-250 lb size) during the full moon and new moon period, there are many Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) in the area that hold a lot of Dorado, Sailfish, King Mackerel and other game fish species you can normally catch, or use live bait in the morning around the FADs.


The distance to the Sailfish areas from Tioman Island is almost the same as from Kuala Rompin, and you often find bigger fish (60-100 lb size) there in the beginning of the season. South of Tioman at Palau Aur and Palau Pemanggil the fishing for Narrow barred King Mackerel and Black Marlin is good and also bottom fishing and jigging for other species is an alternative to the game fishing action.


The Season


Sailfishing season begins in March and ends last week of October. The Northeast season runs from mid-November to March and is not suitable for fishing due to strong winds and choppy water conditions, during this time trips are available to Palau Perak out of Penang. During the fishing season the seas are normally calm making our charter trips comfortable for our guests.



  • Fly fishing gear 

  • Trolling and live-bait gear

  • Bottom, jigging tackle and all terminal tackle

  • TFO Lefty Kreh Bluewater Series Sailfish fly rods

       Danielsson Control Infinity anti-reverse

  • State of the art saltwater fly fishing reels

  • Sailfish fly fishing teasers 

  • Custom tied Sailfish tube flies with Cam Sigler popper heads

  • Circle and J-hooks

  • Surface lures, leaders, sabiki feathers, sinkers

  • Sampo Ball Bearing Snap Swivels

  • Pliers and rod belts


Rods and Reels use are quality brands:

  • Shimano

  • Terez

  • Daiwa

  • Penn

All reels are loaded with fresh Suffix mono or braid. Fishing equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

  • Tiagrea

  • Talica

  • Tiburon


For 3 Days / 2 Nights and 9 Days / 8 Nights itinerary packages, contact us for more information.

DAY 01

Marina One °15 - Sebana Cove - Pulau Aur

  • Check in 09:00 hrs at Marina One°15

  • Depart Marina One°15

  • Immigration (depart Singapore) - Sister's Islands

  • Immigration (arrive Sebana Cove) - Johor Bahru

  • Cruise to Pulau Aur

  • Lunch

  • Anchor and overnight at Pulau Aur

  • Dinner and accommodation onboard

DAY 02 

Pulau Aur

  • Big Bill Fishing off Pulau Aur

  • Lunch

  • Trawling for Black Marlin, Dorado & King Mackerel

  • Dinner and accommodation onboard

  • Anchor and overnight at Pulau Aur

DAY 03

Pulau Aur - Pulau Tioman

  • Big Bill Fishing off Pulau Aur

  • Lunch

  • Cruise to Pulau Tioman, trawling for Black Marlin, Dorado and King Mackerel

  • Dinner and accommodation onboard

  • Anchor and overnight at Pulau Tioman

DAY 04

Pulau Tioman - Sebana Cove

  • Breakfast

  • Big Bill Fishing of Pulau Tioman

  • Lunch

  • Cruise to Pulau Aur, trawling for Black Marlin, Dorado and King Mackerel

  • Dinner and overnight Sail down the Coast of East Malaysia

DAY 05

Sebana Cove - Marina One °15

  • Arrive Sebana Cove

  • Immigration (depart Malaysia) - Johor Bahru

  • Cruise to Singapore through Singapore Straits

  • Immigration (arrive Singapore) - Sisters' Islands

  • Cruise to Marina One°15

  • Check out 12:00 hrs

* Due to safety, dive may be cancelled and location may be changed depend on sea conditions.


Tioman Island also offers anglers a range of light jigging and bottom fishing for various species. It is a very safe place to visit for you and your family, street crime is non-existent and the locals are very friendly, the Tioman beaches are world-class and the local food is some of the best you will ever eat.


Many of beach front resorts on the island have their own jetties, so you can be dropped off & picked up by the Captain for your evening trips ashore.


Pulau Aur is an island in Mersing, Johor, Malaysia. 76 kilometres east of Mersing Town and is part of the Johor Marine Park. Its corals, lagoons and offshore pools make it a tourist attraction. It has for many years also always been a frequent stopover point for fishermen.

There is also a smaller island close by, Dayang Island, which is separated from Aur Island by a narrow channel of about 400 metres (1,300 ft) width at the narrowest point.


Sebana Cove Marina is situated 5 miles up the Santi River, entrance opposite the eastern tip of Singapore Island. The initial approach from the Johor Strait should be carefully planned by skippers of deep draft vessels, as depths can drop to 2m in places.

Sebana Cove is a beautiful and remote location, and the marina and resort here are slowly being renovated. If you have already provisioned the boat and are looking for somewhere to relax, it's a good choice.

Depart from Rompin



3 Days and 2 Nights               USD $9,570

5 Days and 4 Nights               USD $15,950 

9 Days and 8 Nights               USD $28,710    


Depart from Singapore



5 Days and 4 Nights               SGD $25,595 

9 Days and 8 Nights               SGD $46,071    



  • 4 nights on ATLANTIS CSL621 (62-foot sailing catamaran yacht)

  • Complimentary dining – breakfast, lunch, apero, dinner and snacks

  • Unlimited fruits and savory snacks – full day

  • Free-flow selected soft drinks, homemade tea and hot drinks

  • Unlimited use of paddle board, kayaks and snorkeling equipment

  • Big Bill fishing, includes all fishing equipment, live baits and Sabiki Live-bait feathers

  • National Park Permits

  • GST  (on ATLANTIS CSL621)


  • WiFi (only available on (ATLANTIS CSL621)

  • Transfers

  • Visas

  • Personal Insurance


30 days advanced confirmation is required for extended destination charters

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